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6-21-2 CHIBANA Okinawa City Okinawa Pref.
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Company Profile
Company name Herb・LaundryService・Okinawa Co.,Ltd
Establishment August 3, 2009
Capital 7 million yen
Representative CEO Hideyuki Ikehara
location 06-21-2 Tibana, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa Prefecture 904-2143
TEL:098-938-7337 FAX:098-938-2332
business hours 6: 00 to 24:00 (7 days a week)
Business contents Expansion of IT / IC large-scale coin laundry directly operated stores and equipment sales

URL http://www.wash-land.com/
Washable items Clothes, blankets, duvet, summer quilt, curtains, carpets, sheets, kotatsu futon, athletic shoes, indoor mats etc.
CEO Profile
Born in Okinawa, Okinawa Prefecture in 1960.
After graduating from university, I worked at Daiei Group Franchise SC, passed the same supermarket chief, entered the Chamber of Commerce and then management counselor who supports management of small businesses, event planning, town planning, public relations magazine, various economic surveys etc. In addition, by promoting business that makes full use of the features of IT for the operation of the hall, etc., contribute to efficiency of operation and improvement of profitability.
August 2009 Establish "Herb ・ Laundry Service ・ Okinawa Co., Ltd." from the viewpoint of asset utilization
Message from the CEO
Before returning to Okinawa Prefecture in 1972, many foreigners, mainly from the Americans, lived in and the needs of the coin launders had been earlier than the mainland. Also, with the collaboration accompanying women's advancement in society, the era of declining birthrate and aging population, the needs for childcare support and housekeeping rationalization services are rising.

In "Washing" labor, "I want to wash together at the weekend", "I want to wash (dry) in the night", "Let me wash large fibers at low prices and want to speed dry" from savings-oriented and effective use of time You can see a change in style.

Therefore, in December 2009, we launched the WASH LAND Chiba Store (Washletland), an antenna shop, in order to promote the viewpoint of asset utilization and a company that can propose a new lifestyle called "Laundry Service".
I would like to pursue a service that pursues 「Cleanliness, Security and Comfort」 as a service concept, introduces value-added services to existing coin laundry environments, and enhances the satisfaction of users.
Origin of Herbs
Herbs are deeply involved with our health, such as medicinal, edible, beauty such as cosmetics, perfumes and dyes, and various products such as perfumes and dyes, product development is being promoted and it can also be incorporated as active ingredients of cosmetics and health foods We are. Here, Okinawa is famous as an abundant region of herbs (mugwort, turmeric, fennel, leek, ginger, etc.) in Japan and has been adopted naturally in life. Incorporating the term "herb" into company name from the desire to utilize health and healing reminiscent of herbs in business contents.
Launderette situation of Japan
A wonderful store with stylish decor with a boarded floor. In addition to indirect lighting of the light bulb color, there is a table with a simple chair and an attached table, the fashion magazine is equipped in the shop, and light music is flowing. Coin laundry like a boutique is being developed in downtown Tokyo and other areas.

Many large parking lots and stores with large equipment installed in the suburbs are found, and half of the big chain stores developing nationwide are prohibited from shoes.The floor is made of flooring, the user enters the slippers and enters, "It is advantageous not to get dirty even when dropping laundry onto the floor".

In addition, the IT conversion of shops is proceeding, and the system which allows checking the availability of equipment from the home PC or cellular phone via the Internet and notifying the mobile phone just before washing and drying is introduced.

In addition, various methods are devised for customer service, such as cash and IC card can be used together, payment method can be used together, benefits that take advantage of the features of the card and points are accumulated according to usage situation.

Meanwhile, the management of the executive side also improves efficiency by making IT, you can grasp the sales situation by time, day, month, year, and equipment and the operating condition of the equipment. Also, in case of inquiries due to malfunction of the equipment, it is also useful for improving the service by operating the equipment by remote control. Each company has developed its business by taking advantage of its unique characteristics, and further stores with added value are opened next, and it can be said that evolution of coin laundry is occurring as it is.

The feature of the conventional coin laundry shop was that it was open 24 hours, it was possible to "wash and dry" cheaply with self-service. Currently, depending on the needs of customers, depending on the region, there are services added various added value such as shops that are not open 24 hours a day, parking lot complete, soil footing prohibition, combined with agent shop agency service and business trip receipt substitution The city's coin-operated laundry environment has changed completely, such as creating a comfortable space for shops.