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What's IC Card?
An IC card where points are accumulated as you use it

No change required! Convenient IC card

ICカードNo exchange or preparation of small change is necessary.

Once you purchase, you can deposit (memorize) as soon as the balance is gone, you can use it repeatedly.

※It is not disposable. Payment can be made in units of 1,000 yen.
  • 50 points on new purchase
  • 300 points will be presented every cumulative amount of 10,000 yen!
  • ★Apply 1 point for every 100 yen use! (Membership points are doubled)
  • 10 additional points per 1,000 additional payment benefits!
  • ★One person per person only.Card price 200 yen.

How do I use the accumulated points?

  • ★ Let's check the accumulated points by using IC card issuing machine.
    500P It is possible to reduce it to the usage amount in 100P unit every time it accumulates.

※For example, if 570 points, it will be reduced to 500 yen of usage fee, 70P will remain on the card.

After buying an IC card, registering as a member, it is so convenient!
We also have benefits!

  • ★Confirm the availability information of the device from mobile phones and home PC.
  • ★When registering the mail address of the mobile phone, we inform you by email the end of the operation of the device.
  • ★When registering, if you check "Wish for mail delivery", you can let you know the best deals campaign information by e-mail.
point confirmation・New member registration・Inquiry/modification of registred contents